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This product is a composite high molecular polymer with a huge molecular structure and strong adsorption capacity. The water purification effect is better than traditional inorganic water purification agents. The flocs formed after inputting the raw water are large, the sedimentation speed is fast, the activity is high, and the filterability is good; it has strong adaptability to various raw water and has little effect on the pH value of the water.

Applicable fields: suitable for all kinds of industrial wastewater (electronics, electroplating, printing and dyeing, circuit boards, fertilizer plants, textiles, tanning, breeding, slaughter, etc.).

Product features

Efficiently remove oil, organic matter and biological mucosa on the membrane surface

Suitable for all brands of aromatic polyamide film and acetate film

Has good buffering performance, pH is relatively stable

Miscible with water in any ratio


Usage and features


Colorless transparent liquid


10.0-12.0(25℃, 1% Solution)


Completely soluble in water


1.05-1.15(g/cm³, 20℃)


☆It needs to be diluted before use, and the dilution ratio is 5%-10%. Use a pump to pump the mixed medicine (pH 10-12), and measure the pH every 5 to 20 minutes until there is no change in pH. Sampling during the cleaning process to observe the cleaning effect, that is, the turbidity of the chemical liquid, the color change, whether there is flocculation etc

☆Dosing amount: The specific dosing amount needs to be determined according to the on-site operation situation

Package, preservation and protection


☆Avoid contact with skin, eyes and other body during operation. If splashed in accidentally, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention in time

☆Store in a cool, dry place, the recommended storage temperature is 10-25°C; the storage date is 1 year


★Do not mix with strong alkali and oxide

★Pay attention to the temperature control during the cleaning process, and should not exceed the specified temperature

★In case of special circumstances, please contact the pharmaceutical engineer in time

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